The Survivors

Die Überlebenden

We form the past again and again in the search of an explanation for our present and in the hope of a future.

Mina, Max, Vera – are the children and grandchildren of master baker August Stutz who shaped their existences beyond his grave. By resisting, suppressing and fleeing they tried to escape, but now, at the breaking points of their lives, they have to revisit their past and face their guilt. Once more Mina, the housewife, reads the letters she wrote to her husband during the war and postwar years. Once more the Vietnam pilot Max returns to Switzerland.

And for the first time the butterfly breeder Vera learns what her mother really went through. Their stories form the portrait of a Swiss family in the 20th century. Be it the violence of the patriarch or the war, external events or internal dependencies¬ – they challenge certainties about home and belonging. This is a moving novel about silence in families, about the reflections of past and the search for one’s own truth.


  • Herausgeber: Lenos
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.10.2021
  • Gebundene Ausgabe: 269 Seiten
  • ISBN: 978-3039250158

Gabrielle Alioth zu „Die Überlebenden“
im Interview mit Monika Schärer