The Silent Rider

Ringing their bells and blowing their bagpipes, they marched out of town to meet the fish cart, this morning. They will claim, in time, to have removed condemned men from their gallows, freed prisoners from gaol and to have been followed by all the townsfolk. This is the plan the citizens of Nürnberg intend to follow in order to lure heaven’s benediction and the merchants‘ swelling purses into their town: Behold the coatchman jump from his box and prostrate himself, as if he did not know what was hidden in the barrels beneath the salted fish; and both legates alight from their horses with grave faces. The council will applaud their courage using chiselled words. And, of course, people will cheer – they will holler as they are wont to – and they will crane their necks in the firm belief that they will glimpse orb and sceptre pulled from the barrels, and the crown.


  • Herausgeber: Nagel & Kimche
  • Erscheinungdatum: 01. August 1998
  • Hardcover: 252Seiten
  • ISBN: 978-3312002429