The Fool

Perhaps he was indeed glad to see me up there. The master did not like me coming down. „Back to your place, fool, back to your place“, and I would duck under my hump and climb back to the sill. He did not want me near him. No matter how drunk he was, he always gave me wide berth. The Venetian laughed when I told him about it. „Of course, dear fool, he is afraid of you. Like all masters, he fears the fool, not for his hump like others, but for his songs.“ „The songs“, he added, „are powerful, my friend, more powerful than the masters. They cannot be vanquished.“ Again and again I have thought about this phrase, the phrase about the powerful song, and yet I did not understand it. It is only now, Marie, after everything that has happened, that I know: It was not a promise by the Venetian, it was a warning – and I did not understand.


  • Herausgeber: Nagel & Kimche
  • Erscheinungdatum: 1. August 2004
  • Hardcover: 188 Seiten
  • ISBN: 978-3833415906