The Magic Light

At eight years of age Set leaves his stepfather´s farm to learn the art of fighting from Scathach of the Shadows. After four years of training she sends him, like other chosen pupils before him, to the floating island whence only some return. Here, he has to survive without arms and shelter until the boat returns. This is his hardest test yet.

And suddenly there is Georgina in her orange bathrobe, wondering how she got from her suburban bed into this strange world.

A thrilling novel about one of the most famous heros of the Irish legends, later to become Cuchulainn. The book includes a „who is who“ of Irish mythology.


  • Herausgeber: Nagel & Kimche
  • Erscheinungdatum: 16. August 2001
  • Hardcover: 184 Seiten
  • ISBN: 978-3312009169
  • Ab 12 Jahren